What Makes A Nation Great?

  “What Makes a Nation Great?”

Dakota Wesleyan University, along with KORN News Radio in Mitchell,  invited South Dakota’s gubernatorial  candidate Lora Hubbel to answer  the question.  

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Time for Change South Dakota

Lora Hubbel for SD Governor 2018

South Dakota NEEDS Lora Hubbel as GOVERNOR. The rumor going around the capitol when I was a legislator was, "Watch Hubbel, because she can't be bought. " 
I thought that was a compliment...no...it translated  into "Hubbel isn't a team player."  Hubbel's response....
"Nothing can be farther from the truth, I just don't play ball with crooks." 

Why Lora Hubbel?

In 2014 Lora was the first Republican woman in over 30 years to run for Governor in South Dakota. Her main points are:

  •  Stop ObamaCare, Common core and Corruption
  •  Industrialize SD so our kids get good instate jobs
  •  Use HS 287(g) so we can stop illegal imigration
  •  Protect 2nd Amendment Rights
  •  End Abortion

Why now?

These little guys need a bright future without ObamaCare and CommonCore pushing them into a totalitarian society. The Daugaard network has launched SD into the 3rd most ObamaCare compliant state in the nation. The Establishment Republicans love ObamaCare for all the perks they receive from our suffering.

This progressive Republican Establishment has also led SD into a governing state for CommonCore rather than just a participating state. 

Are you weary of fighting this? Did your healthcare go up unmercifully, like I said it would since 2011? Are your children still fighting the iron-fisted concepts in Common Core?

Do you worry about illegal immigration bringing drug gangs and alternative dictatorial laws? Or do you pity those illegals who are slaves to an oppressive industry?

Does the EB5 and Gear Up fiasco leave you questioning the current establishment ?

Then help DO something about it. Stand behind Lora for Governor.

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